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About Us:

Our goal is to provide solutions that create an effective acoustic environment for both walls and ceilings,
as well as being a complete supplier of all types of acoustic solutions.

The vision is to be the building industry's preferred provider of acoustic solutions.
With our aim in mind we are ensuring good quality, by developing our product range together with you, and by having a reasonable and competitive price. Our staff have many years of experience and knowledge in developing, manufacturing, assembly and sale of acoustic solutions. This gives our customers confidence that they get a great product and access to our knowledge. We also have extensive expertise in product development, quality assurance and research regarding acoustic impact of a good indoor environment in offices, hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

Today we have offices and warehouses in Stavanger in Norway. Furthermore, we have our own full-time employee’s in China that inspect and maintains quality control of all goods.

Technical Ability:

All the companies that manufacture our products are CE and ISO approved, the products meet and in most case excell the specifications for the industry and international standards.

An Example:

EN 13964 : 2004 + A1: 2006
  • Fire: Class A
  • Sound Absorbtion: Class A
  • NRC 0.90 , 0.95, 1.0
  • Light Reflectance: 85%
  • No Asbestos
  • No Formaldehyde


Please click on the links below to go direct to the datasheets for these products.

Mounting and Hanging System / Profilsystemer

  • Proso_T24.pdf
  • Tight_15.pdf
  • Tight_24.pdf
  • Tight_43.pdf
  • Glass wool Ceiling Plates / Glassullhimlinger

  • Absorb_A_15.pdf
  • Silk_15.pdf
  • Silk_20.pdf
  • Plaster Ceiling Plates / Gipshimlinger

  • Circle.pdf
  • Plain.pdf
  • Square_4.pdf
  • Square_12.pdf
  • Metal Ceiling Plates / Metallhimlinger

  • Design.pdf
  • Micro.pdf
  • Mineral Fibre Ceiling Plates / Mineralfiberplater

  • amf_alpha_a.pdf
  • amf_alpha_one.pdf
  • amf_antaris_a.pdf
  • amf_thermofon.pdf
  • Tree Wool Ceiling Plates / Treullhimlinger

  • Fibrafutura (no Data Sheet)
  • Acoustic Control Wall and Ceiling Plates / Akustisk Regulering

  • Fleet.pdf
  • AWP_25.pdf
  • Accessories / Tilbehør

  • Hanger / Opphengspendel (no Data Sheet)